The True Love Story of Toner


1. Gentle Facial Toner : Refreshing on the outside, Moist on the inside. Seals moisture to the skin, keeping it hydrated from deep inside with a refreshing finish that soothes sensitive skin.
2. Rock rose extract : Instead of cultivated roses, wild-grown roses have been used to give skin a more radiant glow.
3. Refreshing water type formulation : Refreshing water-type texture that is non-sticky and fills skin with moisture from deep inside. When skin is dry, toner can be used as a toner pack by soaking cotton pad with toner and applying it to skin.
4. Background: ALIVE:LAB has developed a toner with ingredients that help maintain skin’s moisture level and gives skin a lovely rose-like radiance.
5. Special skin care : When skin condition is poor, soak cotton pad with toner and leave on skin as a mask for 5 minutes. This helps keep skin moisturized and prepares skin for a flawless and neat make-up.

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