Hybrid fix swab


1. Expertly made with 100% pure cotton swabs attached on both ends of a sturdy plastic stick, Eye Makeup Remover Swabs are the perfect way to remove eye makeup.
2. Infused with Olive oil & Gardenia oil, these cotton swabs don’t just simply remove your eye makeup. Moisturizing and conditioning the skin, these ingredients hydrate the skin and restore it to a natural, healthy glow.
3. Extremely gentle against your skin and soft to the touch, these cotton swabs effortlessly erase mistakes without disturbing the rest of your eye makeup or can be used to remove your eye makeup at the end of the night.
4. Each piece is individually wrapped in plastic, perfect for traveling and storing in your purse so you can fix your makeup when your on the go.
5. Wipe off any oil on the skin with no oil.



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