Avocado V Balancing Balm


1. A balm that cares for the neglected V-zone – protects V-zone from harmful substances and retains moisture in dry skin.
2. Although a healthy female body maintains a low pH balance and self-purifies to protect the vulva from harmful bacteria, all kinds of external factors can still weaken the V-zone. That is why ALIVE:LAB has developed the Avocado V Balancing Balm.
3. Containing Avocado Extracts, it does not only soothe the skin but also promotes fast absorption into skin, moisturizing dry skin.
4. Avocado V Balancing Balm is recommended for those who experience: chafing (friction) due to lifestyle irritations, itching caused by skin dryness, after-wax care relief.
5. Dermatologist tested! Suitable for all ages.


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