Secret of Youth Collagen Powder


1. Absorbs quickly Low-molecular collagen keeps the anti-aging and skin supple for a long time. Help to replenish collagen in your skin that decreases with age.
2. Unlike ordinary collagen powder, it contains Probiotics, effective in removing harmful substances from the skin and calming sensitive skin.
3. Hydrolyzed Collagen is a skin component that maintains skin elasticity, effective in hydrating and improving damaged skin. 3 types of Probiotics is protect skin and increase absorption to help your skin stay healthy!
4. If you sprinkle product before applying general toner, emulsion, cream or packs to the skin, you can make a unique collagen cosmetic product. When used as a powder, the efficacy is further upgraded.
5. Can be mixed and used with hair treatment, hair oil, and body lotion.


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